TronicsFix Toolkit
TronicsFix Toolkit
TronicsFix Toolkit
TronicsFix Toolkit

TronicsFix Toolkit

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This toolkit was developed specifically for disassembly and cleaning of: 

  • all PS4 game consoles,
  • Xbox One X consoles,
  • Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite, and
  • most handheld game consoles.
Our technicians have spent hundreds of hours fixing game consoles and repaired thousands of PS4s, Xbox Ones, and Switches. In creating this TronicsFix Toolkit we wanted to make something that had everything you needed without a lot of extras that you'll never use.

This toolkit includes:

  1. 1 Driver
  2. 6 bits: Torx TR9, Torx TR 10, Philips 000, Phillips 1, Flathead 1.5, and Y00 (These bits will remove any screw out of any model PS4 or Xbox One as well as any Switch or Switch Lite. )
  3. 1 Needle Nosed Plier (Used to remove power supply, fan, and speaker connectors.)
  4. 2 Plastic Pry Tools (Used to remove the outer shell of consoles.)
  5. 1 Spudger (This tool is used to unlock locking tabs and other ribbon cable connectors.)
  6. 1 Tweezer (We use tweezers to help line up ribbon cables and push them into their connectors.)
  7. 1 Cleaning Brush (This cleaning brush is sized to get into the side channels of the PS4 as well as to clean console fans and heat sinks.)
  8. 1 Roll-Up Tool Bag (The included tool bag was specifically made for this toolkit and fits all the tools nicely without being too bulky.)

We are currently only able to ship toolkits to addresses in the United States.

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