About Our Work

How We Refurbish Game Consoles

Wondering how we repair and refurbish the consoles we sell on this website? Check out one of our recent YouTube videos to get a behind-the-scenes look at what we do.


TronicsFix is focused on bringing you quality refurbished game consoles and other devices, merch that shows off your support of repair, toolkits that help you repair your own game consoles as well as DIY information if you're trying to fix your own consoles or other devices.

When you buy refurbished products from TronicsFix you'll be buying devices that have been repaired, tested, and cleaned. We're not just slapping a label on a product and giving it a name. Refurbished actually means something here.

We designed our merch around fixers: the people who just have to take it apart, the people who will try to fix it even when "it's not worth it", and the people who believe that repair matters. If you're looking for repair gifts for a fixer you know (or for yourself), we've got you covered. We love providing products to show support for the idea of fixing instead of just throwing it away.

TronicsFix game console toolkits are made specifically for the types of devices you're working on. We took our years of experience and designed toolkits that have what you need to repair your electronic devices without all the added fluff.

We hope you love our products and info but most of all we thank you for supporting our mission of showing that repair matters.