Wiring Pencil Wire (Insulated) by Roadrunner®
Wiring Pencil Wire (Insulated) by Roadrunner®

Wiring Pencil Wire (Insulated) by Roadrunner®

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Wiring Pencil Wire – Solderable Enamel (Insulated)

These wire bobbins are perfect for circuit trace repair on most modern motherboards. They can be used in our soldering pencils or they can be used as a stand-alone product to use for circuit board repairs. We use this wire for fixing game console motherboards, MacBook motherboards, and most other motherboards in modern electronics. 

4 per pack (1/0.15mm (38 swg) colored Roadrunner wiring pencil or pen wire (insulated) is coated in solderable enamel or self-fluxing polyurethane. The wire requires a soldering iron temperature of between 400 - 430°C+ to remove the enamel. 

  • Solderable enameled self-fluxing copper wire
  • Colored wiring pencil or wiring pen wire for refill bobbins or wire spools are: gold, red/pink, green, violet/blue
  • Coated in self-fluxing polyurethane, conforming to IEC 60317-20 (Grade 2)
  • Suitable for prototype wiring, PCB track repairs and rework, shorting links and coil forming. Maximum continuous temperature +120°C. Suitable soldering temperature 400-430°C.

Insulation Thickness 38 swg 0.012 mm Grade 2; Resistance 0.967 Ohms/m typ; Current Rating 38 swg 82 MA; Spool Length (Average) 38 swg 38 m; Insulation Breakdown 1500 V RMS.

Warning: Solderable Enamel Wire emits toxic vapor when soldered. Ventilate area well.

We are currently only able to ship this item to addresses in the United States. Those outside the United States can check the Roadrunner website for purchase options: www.roadrunnerelectronics.com